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Commonplace things…

December 21, 2015 | by Woody

Think about how often God uses the simple and commonplace to convey the profound. Jesus spoke of things like living water from a well, wine-skins, and sowing seed, to name a few. And my favorite – a vine and a branch. Does the branch struggle and strain to produce grapes? No, it simply stays attached to the vine to receive the sap, water, nutrients, and minerals for everything it needs for life and to be fruitful. And as we, the branches, abide and live in Christ the Vine, we bear much fruit.

And then the best one – when 2,000 years ago, God shows up in a humble and commonplace way and changes human history. “And they shall call His name Immanuel – God with us.”

So today, we use commonplace things too, like – medicines, wheelchairs, medical supplies, and vitamins. Why not? As we’ve said many times – when you’ve met a need, you’ve earned an ear – giving an opportunity to share profound things of Jesus.


Feliz Navidad Ya’ll – And a huge thank you from….
Woody, Vine’s staff and board, the entire Vine family, and our 100+ Guatemala partners and the tens-of-thousands of the poorest of the poor they serve through medical missions.

Your prayers and gifts have made 2015 a truly fruitful year.

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