Jason and Lilivet

are just the family to help get medical supplies to the doctors, nurses, and specialists who are serving the neediest Guatemalans. And Vine International knows how to stretch your gift: for every $1 given to Vine over the last 6 years, $41 in medical supplies have been distributed to clinics, hospitals, and orphanages all over Guatemala. That work can't be done without the right people in Guatemala to oversee it. THANKS for sending Jason and Lilivet to Guatemala to serve the people who need it most!

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¡Thank You!

The people we work with [current and former gang members] don’t get headaches and high temperatures. They get shot, and they need wheelchairs, walkers, and colostomy bags. It’s a big thing, to get a walker. People who send this stuff are a blessing.
— Ignacio Sanchez, El Barrio for Christ