Fuego Volcano Eruption - Thursday June 7


Dr Jose Amezquita is a friend of Vine’s. On Saturdays,

after a week of work at his office, he opens his home as a clinic to patients who have no money to pay for medical care. All of his supplies and medicines are donated, and a lot of it comes from you, through Vine. 

That's Dr Amezquita in the photo above, at a base camp near Alotenango where he's been working these past few days, searching for survivors and treating victims. It’s hot, he says. The ground temperature is almost 200o in places, and shoes don’t last long. Clothes don’t last long. He and his EMTs need masks, burn treatments, medicines, gloves, gauze, baby food, diapers, first responder kits, backpacks for carrying. His teams are trekking hours through forest and ash to reach isolated villages. He could use Petzl rescue helmets, but I don’t think we can get him any of those this time. 

His team suspended rescue operations this morning, because it’s been 72 hours since the eruption. Treating survivors now takes priority over finding survivors. What he’s seeing is heartbreaking: rescue workers without food, families without homes, kids without shoes, parents without kids. Doctors there, ready to treat the wounded, but without medicines. 

Which is why Vine exists. Which is why many of you have given in the last few days! Thank you! We gave away everything in the warehouse that was useful the first chance we got. Today, with your donations, we are are buying medicines and supplies on Dr Jose’s list. 

If you have thought about giving to help the disaster in Guatemala, right now is a good time. Dr Jose and his team need help. 

I told him people were praying for him and wanted to help. “Its an honor to be able to serve my neighbors in Jesus’ name,” he said.