On June 3, the Fuego Volcano erupted.

One village was destroyed in an instant; hundreds went missing, and thousands were forced to live in temporary shelters.  Guatemalan first responders rushed to the scene, finding, rescuing, and treating their neighbors. Many of them struggled to find medical supplies. 

For 25 years, Vine donors have worked to put medicine and supplies into the hands of people who serve. When Fuego erupted, Vine was ready to help. Read below to find out how. 

June 4

If you've ever been to Guatemala, you probably visited Antigua. 

And if you were in Antigua, and if the weather was clear, you were fascinated to watch the Fuego volcano puff gray clouds of ash all day, and glow orange at it’s tip at night.  Maybe you’ve seen some news - here it is if you haven’t - but Fuego erupted in a big way and for 16 hours yesterday...


June 15

Dr Jose Amezquita needed Pedialyte. 

He needed Petzl helmets. Stethoscopes. Hartmann solution, backpacks, baby shampoo, hydrocolloid dressings, snap links, syringes, infant formula, Enalapril, static line, and lots of gauze. 

None of it was for him, of course...

June 5

Last year I got a call from a family who said, "We're giving a boat for a boat."

I asked what they meant, and they explained that they had decided to sell their ski boat. The kids didn’t use it much anymore, and they thought that money could be put to better use. So they sold the boat, and with the proceeds they sponsored an entire 40’ container - the medical supplies, the shipping, the importing, the taxes, everything...



Sunday, June 3rd, we noticed how dark it had become.  No thunder or lightning. 

We went outside checking news on phones.  Volcano Fuego had erupted with a column of gases, and super-heated ash shot over 30,000-feet into the sky, casting a 33-mile shadow...



This is the most boring collection of snapshots ever posted online.  

Until you realize what it is, and where it went. Then you might be as excited as our medical partners and their patients were!


June 7

Dr Jose Amezquita is a friend of Vine’s. On Saturdays,

after a week of work at his office, he opens his home as a clinic to patients who have no money to pay for medical care. All of his supplies and medicines are donated, and a lot of it comes from you, through Vine. 

That's Dr Amezquita in the photo above, at a base camp near Alotenango where he's been  searching for survivors and treating victims....



In 2017, East Tennessee's DeRoyal donated tons of burn care and wound care supplies to Vine.  

A generous family paid to ship and import the container, and in early June 2018, those supplies were used to treat victims of the Fuego Volcano explosion...


We're not through yet. With your donations, Vine will continue to help our medical partners in Guatemala - the men and women serving those who need it most. Thank you!