We'll take care of it.

We’ve learned a few things over 25 years of moving medical equipment and supplies. Although we stay busy getting supplies to our partners all over Guatemala, we can sometimes work with organizations who need help with the tricky business of shipping their own supplies. 

There are two ways we can help:

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1. Shipping Coordination Services

We'll ship your container for you. Your organization should spend time doing what you do best: helping people.  We spend our time moving medical supplies, so we can handle this part for you. Tell us where your load is and where you want it, and we can take it from there. We’ll find the best shipping deal, we’ll make the arrangements, we’ll handle the scheduling, customs, importing, and even the paperwork. You’ll receive an invoice for the shipping and importing costs, plus a small administration fee. Our schedule limits availability, so contact Woody at woody@vineinternational.org to see if Shipping Coordination Services could be helpful for you.

Thank you for everything you did to help get our container there safely!
— Jennifer Winn, ServingHIM Executive Administrator


2. Designated Shipping Service

For smaller loads, Vine offers DSS. We’ve shipped everything from small boxes of meds to bulky exam tables and delicate electrosurgical machines. We invoice you for what it costs us, and all you have to do is get it to our collection facility in Louisville, TN. Your supplies will share space on a regular shipment to our warehouse in San Jose Pinula, and the price is set according to volume rather than weight. There's a formula we use to make the calculation, but a handy estimate for 2018 is $900 for a full pallet. 

Bruce White runs our DSS program from our collection facility in Louisville, TN. After 25 years of shipping to Guatemala, Bruce knows what to do on the front end to make a complicated process go smoothly for you.  If you're using us for the first time, please read through our DSS Guidelines first. Once you understand the guidelines, contact Bruce at bruce@vineinternational.org. He'll take good care of you. 

Thanks for your expert help.
— Carroll Greenwaldt, Rotary Club of Longview TX