We started in Guatemala in 1993.

Our founder Woody Woodson had lived in Guatemala, had seen the need, and he thought he could help. Since then we've maintained relationships with people who live and work in Guatemalan communities that lack resources for healthcare. 

Poverty oppresses people in every corner of the world; we just started with what we knew. We don't think our relational model of supplying locals who care for the poor is only for Guatemala, though - it's designed to work just as well in other countries. If you're interested in helping that to happen, let us know! 

Until then, this is the corner of the world we know and love, and we're happy to serve here. 

Without supplies from Vine International, we wouldn’t have been able to treat patients, and our clinic would have closed.
— Dr. Sergio Castillo, director of Hospital Santa Fe, Chocolá, Suchitepequez